Tilapia Puttu

If you grew up in a non-vegetarian eating Tamil household like me, sora (shark) puttu is a dish you are sure to have eaten. It’s an unusual dish but tasty. And when I say shark, I don’t mean the big, scary-looking creatures you see on TV shows. These are smaller in size and quite easily […]

Masala Egg Fry

I learnt this recipe just last week from my mother who is visiting me here in Austin. This is a quick and easy egg recipe that can be easily scaled up or down. Ingredients: Eggs, hard-boiled and peeled – 4 Onion, finely chopped – 1/2 cup Dhania powder – 1 tsp Chilli powder – 1 […]

Tomato Chutney

This is yet another recipe I learnt from my sister and is one my favorites! The garlic, curry leaves and coriander are all my additions to the original recipe. You can use these ingredients if you happen to have them at home. The chutney tastes good even without them. When I first made this chutney […]

Spinach and Kale Chutney

This is a dish my sister made very often when we lived in Bangalore. She got the recipe from a cousin of ours who used to make this using mint leaves (pudina). My sister, however, always made this using spinach. While it’s very easy to prepare, it’s also a great way to eat your greens. […]

Peas Usili

This was one of the first dishes I ate at my husband’s place before we got married. It’s simple yet delicious and packed full of flavor. It tastes best with poori, which is what my mother-in-law usually pairs it with. But chapathi/roti works as well. I have never made this using frozen peas and would […]

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak has been one of my all time favorite sweets that my mother prepares. She made them often as an evening snack and I just wouldn’t wait to lay my hands on them even before they cooled. Ingredients: Besan/ Gram Flour – 1 cup Sugar – 2 cups Ghee – 2 cups + 2 […]