Mushroom Biryani

At a point when I knew just one basic recipe for mushrooms, I learnt this recipe from my sister-in-law who is also quite a food enthusiast as me. This serves as a great alternative to vegetable biryani. Ingredients: Button mushrooms – 12, chopped Onion, finely chopped – 1 cup Cinnamon – 1 inch piece Cloves – […]

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is my absolute favorite! But so far I have only always had the store-bought one which is artificially flavored. So since it is cranberry season here in the US, I wanted to make something using these beautiful berries. Instead of baking, I decided I should make juice! I looked through a few recipes […]

Kari/Mutton Kuzhambu

Kari Kuzhambu is a staple in South India and is one dish that can be had for all three meals, with Dosa for breakfast, with Biryani for lunch and with Chappati for dinner. If Kari Kuzhambu is served with Biryani, I wouldn’t even look at the raita and I think all fans of this dish […]

Tilapia Fish Fry

Fish fry is a south Indian delicacy and was a Sunday-regular during my growing up days back home in Bangalore. It was usually made using vanjaram (king fish). These were bought as steaks from the local fishmonger and had bones in them. I now make this dish regularly using tilapia and it tastes great. You […]

Cheppankizhangu Varuval (Colocasia Stir-fry)

Cheppankizhangu (in Tamil) or Colocasia is an underground stem. While the Indian variety is smaller in size and more time-consuming to peel, the ones you get at the Indian grocery store here in the US are bigger in size (see photograph below).  Ingredients: Cheppankizhangu or Colocasia – 2 medium-sized Red Chilli powder – 1 tsp […]

Sweet and Savory Idiyappam/ String Hoppers

Idiyappam, also known as String Hoppers is a traditional breakfast dish popular in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka. It is traditionally prepared with rice flour but ragi flour Idiyappams are also equally popular. This is the first time I prepared this dish from scratch and since I did not have the traditional Idiyappam maker, I used […]

Tomato thokku

Every Tamil household possibly has its own version of tomato thokku. It was the most commonly made side-dish for chapathi in my house when I was growing up. While it’s typically made with a seasoning of mustard seeds and urad dal, I have arrived at this recipe after years of making it my own way. […]