Easy Mushroom Fry

I must admit at the outset that this isn’t the most good-looking dish. But it more than makes up for in taste and time spent in actually making it! This dish showcases the mushroom for what it is and enhances its flavor with just a few ingredients. Salt and pepper is all you use to […]

Shrimp Masala

This is my mom’s recipe for shrimp masala and keeping it simple is the key to this recipe as I think it brings out the best flavor of the shrimp. The ones we get in India are called prawns. Though prawns and shrimp are very similar, they are not the same but it does not matter […]

Oven-roasted Zucchini

Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables and I buy it any chance I get. This is a no-fuss recipe and don’t fret if you don’t have an oven. You could just fry the zucchini in a pan using a tablespoon of oil. It goes perfectly as a side with my Tilapia Fish Fry. Ingredients: […]

Potato Bajji

When it comes to pakoras and bajjis, potato bajji is my all-time favorite. Very rarely have I come across someone who doesn’t like potatoes and if it is deep fried, who wouldn’t want it. This is a quick snack and can be served as a side with rice or as an evening snack with coffee or […]

Khara Pongal/Ven Pongal

Khara Pongal has come to be one of my favorite dishes to make given how unbelievably easy it is and also because, over time, I have devised my own method of making it. For starters, I use equal quantities of rice and moong dal (Traditionally, very little moong dal is added to the dish). Another […]

Pesto Pasta with Mushrooms

Basil pesto is my favorite pasta sauce and I make use of every opportunity to try this out at restaurants.This is a dish I prepare quite frequently for dinner and my husband loves it! You can also try this recipe with grilled broccoli or zucchini instead of mushrooms. Pesto is such a versatile sauce that it […]

Paneer Masala

This recipe is from a Kannada recipe book ‘Oggarane Dabbi’. The original recipe is Paneer Makhni and uses fresh cream, butter and honey. I left these ingredients out and also made slight variations. It’s easy to prepare and tastes yum, if I say so myself! Ingredients: Paneer – 150 gms Ghee – 1 tbsp Cinnamon […]

Low Fat Dal Makhani

This is a healthier version of the traditionally rich Dal Makhani. Dal Makhani calls for both butter and heavy cream. In this recipe, I have skipped the heavy cream and only used a small quantity of butter, as there has to be some Makhan in Makhani! I have also used more Rajma than that is normally […]

Masala Puri

Chaat is by-far my absolute favorite food to eat. Ever since my move to the US, it’s among the top things I miss about home. Back in Bangalore, it was a weekly routine for me to walk down to the roadside chaatwallah and gorge on Bhel Puri, Masala Puri and of course, Paani Puri. While […]