Minestrone Soup

Minestrone is an Italian soup, typically vegetarian, that is a very healthy and wholesome meal option for people of all age groups. The common ingredients include pasta/rice, beans and vegetables but it does not have a fixed set of ingredients giving us the option of using the vegetables of our choice or what is available seasonally. […]

Egg Kurma

I had this dish on a Sunday morning. Piping hot, with dosas! It was delicious. A recipe from my sister-in-law’s family, egg kurma was a regular in her growing up days. It tastes best with dosai. The spice levels have been kept to a minimum but you could easily notch it up a bit. Ingredients: […]

Cabbage Paratha

This is a healthy and easy to make recipe for breakfast or dinner. The taste of these parathas reminds me of my Mom’s Cabbage Puttu due to the use of similar ingredients. This is a really good way to use leftover cabbage. Ingredients: Wheat flour – 1 cup Besan/ Chickpea flour – 3 tbsp Grated […]

Chocolate Cake

It’s a very special day today as Garlic Goddesses completes an entire year around the sun. We are one! It was exactly one year ago that we started our small but significant entry into the world of food blogging. We have grown as a blog and as individuals interested in food as well. We have […]

Hawaiian-style Shrimp Scampi

This dish is inspired by the Shrimp Scampi served at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck in Hawaii. We had visited two of the Hawaiian islands back in 2009 and this place, among other places serving the local cuisine, was recommended by my husband’s colleague, who grew up in Hawaii. This was our last meal in Hawaii during […]