Vaishnavi Vittal

Vaishnavi Vittal hails from Bangalore, India where she worked as a journalist for close to seven years. She now lives in Pflugerville, Texas with her husband. She is now a trained Montessori teacher.


Like most people, my interest in cooking was sparked by hours of watching TV shows. From Nigella Lawson to Madhur Jaffrey to Jamie Oliver to Kylie Kwong. While I largely never moved an inch as far as trying out the dishes these cooking greats showed us on TV, it certainly instilled in me a passion for good food and a growing knowledge of all things food.

Born and brought up in Bangalore, India in a middle-class Tamil household, the food we ate at home was simple and delicious. 

My cooking repertoire began with basic south Indian dishes like sambar and rasam. And I always needed a recipe to get my quantities right (I still do, largely!). 

It took me a while to venture out and try a pasta dish or baking a cake in a pressure cooker. My father was my guinea pig. While he never gave me any useful feedback about the dishes, he was always ready to eat what I made!

Since my move to the US I have tried to be more conscious about my cooking. Using less oil, using less or no sugar and healthy substitutes are some of the things I keep in mind. 

While I don’t really have any big food dream, I do hope to better myself as a cook, make more healthy food and most importantly, eat healthy.