Hash Browns

My husband and I love the hash browns that is served in American breakfasts. He was the one who made them at home the first time and they turned out pretty good! We don’t cook with potatoes too often and on the rare occasion that we do, we enjoy going the extra mile to make something special. Hash browns are a delicious accompaniment to scrambled eggs or omelette and butter toast. If you make them really small, it can also be served as an appetizer. 

Hash Browns

Serves: 5


Potatoes – 4
Butter – 5 tsp
Oil – 2.5 tsp
Salt to taste
Ground Black Pepper to taste


  • Peel and grate the potatoes using a food processor or a hand grater
  • Place the grated potatoes in a tea towel or muslin cloth and squeeze out all the water (you can do this in small portions)
  • Heat a pan with a teaspoon of butter and half teaspoon oil
  • Place the potatoes in the pan to form a thin layer and a rough circle (about 10 cms in diameter)
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper
  • Using a spatula, press down on the potatoes
  • Cook on high heat till the potatoes turn a lovely golden brown
  • Flip the potatoes and cook till the other side browns as well
  • Serve immediately

– This recipe makes about 5 hash browns, each having a diameter of approximately 10 cms. This size also makes them easier to flip
– I use a combination of butter and olive oil to cook the hash browns. You can use either
– It’s important to cook the hash browns on high heat as that helps the potatoes to turn a nice golden brown
– Do not worry about the shape of the hash browns. Just ensure you make a thin layer

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